Welcome to the Copper Nail 

Years of experience have given Copper Nail the real-world advantage of "Building the Future". Copper Nail is committed to transforming satisfied customers into committed customers. That's why the majority of our customers are repeat customers. We go way beyond the philosophy of providing just "good" customer service. Copper Nail's philosophy is to develop long-term client relationships that are based on competence, performance, trust, and commitment.

Copper Nail can provide complete Real Estate Development and Brokerage Services for Residential Subdivision, Commercial, and Industrial Parcels. Some of our services include:

  • Land acquisitions services, including due diligence, planning, entitlements, zoning, right-of-ways, and easements.
  • Zoning and Neighborhood work
  • Civil engineering design work through our extensive network of consultants.
  • Architectural design work through our extensive network of consultants.
  • Construction management
  • Owners agent / representative
  • Project budgeting/bidding
  • Project scheduling
  • Due Diligence gathering and analysis
  • Information gathering, including entitlement searches, zoning statuses, construction statuses, CFD draws.
  • Site acquisition, contract negotiations, site search and SWOT analysis
  • Site planning and conceptual designs
  • Residential new build design
  • Residential remodel design
  • Residential Planning & Permitting
  • Commercial Planning & Permitting
  • Commercial TI - Remodel, Planning, Permitting, Estimating

Copper Nail also offers full suite of construction management services:

  • Subdivision Construction Management
  • Commercial new build
  • Residential new build
  • Residential remodel
  • Multifamily new build
  • Multifamily remodel

We would love to be a part of your next project. Let us show you how we can make your project better by improving design, reducing cost, accelerating the schedule, and delivering a higher quality product.

Please contact us to discuss your next project:



ROC B 285038
ROC B-1 258171


Why the name Copper Nail? Copper is a time tested material and has been used in construction projects ever since it was discovered. Its beauty and luster have always been sought after, and well, "Nails" those are tried and true, stable and reliable. That's kind of what we feel we can offer clients. A time tested service that is sought after and is stable and reliable.


Shane Graser, Copper Nail President - Work hard on the job site. See "Past Project" for completed projects roster.

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